Energy and Smart Grid

Who doesn’t want to reduce their energy footprint? We bring new solutions to balance ecological concerns, electricity production getting more expensive all over the world, and ever-evolving energy requirements:

  •  usage patterns analysis for load balancing and smart building strategies
  • consumption profiling and anomaly detection
  • real-time monitoring of energy management data

Apply maintenance effort in the right place at the right time

On high-voltage line transformers, real-time monitoring of surge protector leakage current shows precursor patterns and gives you the optimal window to repair or replace the equipment before it fails and causes an outage.

For cities and suburbs, public lighting accounts for nearly 20% of the electricity bill. The ESG-Logger measures street lamp consumption, identifies those that consume the most energy, identifies abnormal energy profiles and adjusts brightness levels to optimize consumption. When a street lamp dysfunctions, it is visible in real-time : no need to patrol the streets or wait for a report from the inhabitants… With targeted and efficient curative maintenance, even a small town can expect to decrease its electricity bill and related costs by at least 10%, for both financial and ecological benefits.