Hello from CES!

Emmanuel S


The electronics market is currently buzzing, especially with the CES trade show in LAS VEGAS. We are ecstatic seeing once again an overrepresented French delegation at this 2018 edition with an impressive number of startups. This dynamism is rather a good thing! We took advantage of a business travel to see it by ourselves…

Thomas, our Business Developer, was able to see from his own eyes that this event reflects the trends and the novelties of the market in the broad sense, with a strong orientation towards robots and artificial intelligence this year.

However, the consumer connotation persists (it’s called Consumer Electronic Show for a reason). Thus it is necessary to put this show in its context: to be present on-site has nothing exceptional, to have displayed on-site is certainly not a priority for a lot of companies who are there. It can offer a certain media exposure, but it has to be in line with the company’s strategy ! Otherwise, they take part on some level in the construction of media bubble which is ultimately going to damage the reality of the business.

On the other hand, we are acting on the market of the IoT, wich is expanding particulary on the sectors of industry where technico-economic pragmatic challenges are to be solved. To do so, we decided to be realistic by bringing out, in an industrial reality, our new technologies. We are far from being the only ones to think so according to the article below.

Forget the CES hype, IoT is all about industry: