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The First Devices

Through ITRON Inc and its utility metering projects, Olivier Guilbaud takes part in the first WSN deployments in Europe. He’s a strong advocate of the technology, well ahead of the market, seeing both the opportunities and real-life constraints of wireless sensor applications.


Coronis Systems

Created by Olivier Guilbaud, it’s the first european start-up in the wireless sensor field, and a laureate of the National Innovation Competition, the Concours National de la Création d’Entreprise Innovante.

Its main focus is metering solutions. In the following years, it raises over 10M€ towards the first wireless sensor protocol for the european market, and sells millions of devices.


Consulting and incubating

One of the world leaders in metering, Elster Metering, acquires Coronis in 2007.

By then, the wireless sensing market is in full swing! In this buzzing ecosystem, technologies evolve very fast and applications have yet to mature. With all the deployments under our belts, we have the experience to navigate economic realities and avoid wireless chimeras : it’s a perfect time for a new project to take sail…

> 15
millions units in 10 years

Ineo-Sense is born

We focus on providing reliable industrial solutions for high-stake services : logistics, security and energy management. Our first family of products integrates innovative network management : we improve on the Coronis devices and aim for better reactivity and coexistence.

early adopters

The company is growing

Several deployments and happy clients later, we can act upon the heart of our strategy.

With new financial partners and a 1M€ investment round, we extend our team of experienced engineers and start turning our differenciating technology into the best WSN solution in the market.

Thousands of km² covered
millions of km² covered

Things are looking good

Clearly, our skills and our technology are an asset in our maturing ecosystem.

Beyond the satisfaction of reaching our first goals, we open to new international markets and sign awesome partnerships in each of our markets. We also need new offices to accomodate the growing team!

less power consumption

Our achievements:

We took significant position on promising IoT market, providing our Framework to numerous clients, 2016 could be expressed by the following tangible figures:

  • Over 20 existing different products deployed on 3 continents.
  • Representing 50 000 solutions operated through our technology.
  • More than 20 000 Clover-sense manufactured and integrated in our different products.

Our goals:

We already have a unique position, with a sustainable solution and less limitations than our competitors : of course we want to do better!

  • Offer more added value, as the reliable alternative to licensed networks…
  • Build the Clover-Net community with our customers and our partners…
  • Go beyond existing usage limitations and innovate around the industry constraints!