Objenious qualifies dual-mode features LoRaWAN / Clover-Net

Emmanuel S

The Clover-Sense natively integrates the LoRaWAN features. Through its mastery of embedded protocols, Ineo-Sense has integrated this mode of transmission while maintaining in addition the communication assets in Clover-Net to serve the uses in private network optimized for the exploitations requiring the strong connectivity and reactivities.

The first deployments of our solutions operating LoRaWAN are already in the field with the Clover-Tag and Sensorial tracer. This major evolution of our Framework will be gradually integrated in all our products in order to take full advantage of  services offered by operated LPWAN networks . The first partner network operating our products is Objenious and we are preparing qualifications of our specific implementation by several other operators.

The structuring of the Framework included in our Clover-Sense thus allows the simultaneous operation of multi-protocol communication (Clover-Net, LoRaWAN). RF driver optimizations and scanning modes allow reactive bidirectional communication to be implemented, while preserving the energy consumption ratios to be compatible with the constraints of on-board battery-operated electronics. This realization paves the way for very differentiating uses for your connected objects !!!