Do you have an IoT project?
Our expertise in wireless sensing is at your disposal.

Free your operations,
get a fresh eye :

Improve performance

Remove constraints

Save money

Monitoring your equipment can bring multiple productivity gains and cost reductions.

  • Streamline your process
  • Detect incidents in real time
  • Integrate business metrics to your management software
  • … there are so many ways for a wireless network to help you!

Informed choices

The wireless ecosystem is a very active one, with new technologies and new players coming into play all the time. We provide an agnostic evaluation of your requirements, so you can choose the best technology.

Even if it’s not ours.

Everything you need to know about wireless

The economic reality means there’ll always be tradeoffs – we have years of experience in the industry to advise you on the best ones.

Want to get it done?

Our accredited partners can handle the
customization and integration phase, so your
network is ready to go.

Want to do it yourself ?

We offer action-oriented workshops,
to take you from plan to

IOT Business Case
  • Workshop
    • Desribe IOT constraints and market requirements
    • Identify use cases and usage perimeter
Wireless Project Definition
  • Workshop
    • Identify relevant technology
    • Specify technical and cost-saving goals
    • Define budget lines
Clover-Net Expertise
  • Certification
    • Become a Certified Design Partner
    • Formalize the industrial process
    • Produce the end-devices